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Where you are one with nature in Kommetjie - 
Cape Town South Africa.

Secluded Beachfront Bed and Breakfast.

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Cape Town's Guest House on the beach. Picture of Sunset Beach House.

Enjoy yourself in this special environment. 
The ultimate in luxury and comfort: The dunes, the beach, the ocean & the sky - right on your doorstep. 
With only 5 rooms our service is completely personal. The rooms are individually appointed and fully serviced. Accommodation includes full buffet  breakfast. 

All our rooms are beach facing  with double doors opening on to the endemic fynbos garden and dunes. The pool is finished in natural rock, two outside hot/cold showers. Secure,  very safe and tranquil. Each Room Offers:  En-suite bathroom, Environmental Control (hot and cold air-conditioning);  Satellite TV; Telephone;  Courtesy Fridge and Safe.

Seaside Holidays in Cape Town.
Total Relaxation at Cape Town's Guest House Naturally breathtaking and totally relaxing.

Watch the Whales  from your bedroom and the rare African Black Oystercatcher feeding on the beach. This authentic Beach House offers luxury beachfront accommodation   in Kommetjie. 

Isolated by majestic mountains, Kommetjie is delightfully rural and unspoiled. 

  Whale 'Sailing' - You can watch the whales from your bedroom!

Visit the Cape of Good Hope in Seaside Interiors.

Visit Kommetjie and the 
Beach House Interior
as portrayed in 
Seaside Interiors

Seaside Interiors The front cover.

Beach Horse Rides. Noordhoek Beach, Kommetjie.

Long Beach, Kommetjie, Cape Town, South Africa.

Horse Rides on the beach

Secluded Beaches

New Pictures Uploaded all the time...some recent samples:
Kommetjie from the Slangkop Mountains. Chapman's Peak from the front garden at the Beach House. Karbongkelberge from the Beach House. Kommetjie from the Beach House at Sunset!
Virtual Tours Offered from the Sunset Beach House Website:
Escape to the Fairest Cape - Kommetjie. Kommetjie Area  The tour starts with Table Mountain , Chapman's Peak and the Sentinel at Houtbay and proceeds along Ou Kaapse Weg to the Kom and Slangkop lighthouse . It then shows Long Beach , Kommetjie Bay , Noordhoek Beach and some of the views from the Beach House. Kommetjie Bay photographed from the Beach House.
Take a virtual tour of the Beach House Interior. Beach House Rates & Bookings Page Beach House Interior The virtual tour of the Beach House starts in the Gingham Room that shows the spectacular view of the dunes and the beach from our bedrooms and then proceeds through the lounge and the dining room to the relaxing reading room and finally the honeymoon suite Beachfront Family Room
There is also a direct link to the Booking Page where there is a  tour of all the bedrooms. Cape Town's beachfront bed and breakfast winter special and summer rates and a currency converter are provided.

Visit the beachfront accommodation page.

Eating at the Guest House - the best in Cape Cuisine. Luxury Beach Front Accommodation  Start with the view to the left and to the right from the Guest House , get the mood right by visiting a magic African Sunset in front of the Beach House  before experiencing the relaxing ambience of the Beach House itself.  Long Beach, picture from any of the Beach House's bedrooms! The dunes in front of the Beach House - premier beachfront accommodation in Cape Town
Check out the fine Cape Cuisine at the Guest House before touring the endemic fynbos garden and beachfront pool . Relax in front of a log fire in winter and watch a Cape Winter storm. In winter our rates are 25 % less than in summer.

Cape Town's seaside holiday of a lifetime - Virtual Tour!

Cape Atlantic Beaches   Long Beach and the even longer Noordhoek Beach are two secluded pristine beaches on your doorstep. Horse riders on the beach stroll and gallop along the 6 km isolated snow white beach at the foot of Chapman's Peak. Take a Camel Ride through the fynbos or visit the shipwreck of the Kakapo (1900) and take the famous birdwatchers beach walk to the Slangkop Lighthouse or Wildevoelvlei . Visit a natural Zen Garden on your beach walk.
  Experience the awe of the many secluded beach walks that start from the Guest House. All of this within walking distance of Sunset Beach Guest House!  Take the Cape Atlantic Beache Tours.
Fynbos Tour. Restios one of the characteristics of fynbos. Click to tour. Fynbos Tour the Cape Floral Kingdom by starting with a general introduction to fynbos then learn more about the amazing restios and tune your eye for the fine beauty of fynbos. Take a closer look at Chondropetalum that grows on the dune at the Beach House, proceed to view the spectacular proteas , the pincushion trees and then tour through our fynbos garden with awesome pictures of the fynbos at the Beach House : Irises, vygies , statis , gazania on the beach , Pelargonium and  dune plants and flowers
Protea lepicarodendron. Black-beard sugarbush. The Red Sugarbush. Visit our Fynbos Page!

Cape of Good Hope - fynbos along the road to Cape Point.

From here the tour takes one to the nearby Cape of Good Hope fynbos pages with stunning Cape fynbos landscapes. There are 1 100 speciesof indigenous plants at Cape Point - more than on the British Isles despite the fact the reserve is only 7 750 hectares in extent!

Bird watching from the Beach House.

Bird Watching The Kom, writes Professor Les Underhill,  offers the best seabird watching in Southern Africa! But the birdwatching experience start at the Beach House itself: watch the endangered African black oystercatcher on the beach form your bedroom while the Crowned Plover and Hadede Ibises feeds on the dunes. The agile Hartlaub's Gulls found only in the Cape and the more widespread Kelp Gull frequent the beach while Terns, Cape Gannets, White Chinned Petrels and Sooty Shearwaters are frequent at the Kom.

The delightful royal crowned crane. What a face!

 Walk to Wildevoelvlei and Noordhoek Beach, another of the 3 destinations within walking distance of the Beach House mentioned in the official Cape Bird Route Imhoff's Farm and the royal Crowned Crane is also within walking distance. Visit the ostriches at Cape Point or the Jackass penguins at Simon's Town. Visit this rare Oystercatchers' home. Hartlaub's Gulls.
Watch the whales from your bedroom! Whale  Watching From June the Southern Right Whales starts frequenting the coast and stays until February with the most sightings in September. You can sometimes see the whales from your bedroom at the Beach House. Visit our Whale Watching Information page for information on the common whales in the area. Whale Watching Information.

Start the Cape Surfing Tour from here.

Cape Town Surfing Start with Andre Botha , some of his radical maneuvers ,  and his tube ride that won him his second World Champion bodyboarder title.  Surfing Cape Town   is epic as there is always an onshore break. 
Sunset Beach is one of the few really big wave sites in the world and is on our doorstep.     Long Beach offers Outer Kom and Inner Kom both famous surfing venues while The Hoek provides and endless supply of perfect right hollow waves. Cape Town also offers excellent windsurfing The Cape peninsula is ideal for windsurfng. Cape Town surfing.
Perfect Tube Rides at The Hoek Beach. Noordhoek. Cape Town.
The tour includes a visit to a local supplier and instructor that provides for all your surfing and windsurfing needs for a perfect Cape surfing tour .
Excelent diving opertunities in the Cape - take the tour to see what is available. Cape Town Diving Our diving tour covers the full spectrum of Cape diving experiences with Snorkeling, Cape Scuba Diving , diving in the Two Oceans Aquarium , Cape Fur Seal dives , and the scary South African Great White Shark Dives . The Two Oceans Diving Charters will collect from and return you to the Beach House itself! Great White Shark Diving. Experience of a lifetime.
Deep sea fishing. Catch the Big Fish! Come Game Fishing in Cape Town. Sea Fishing and Sea Kayaking Kommetjie is a fisherman's paradise! With excellent game fishing and deep sea fishing . Numerous experienced charters are available to take you to the nearby Tuna feeding grounds.  Fishing in Cape Town - Virtual Tour
Cape Point is said to be the best Sea Kayaking venue in Africa or you can canoe or paddle ski from the front garden. Local operators will provide you with all your paddling needs.
Take a virtual tour of The Cape of Good Hope. Cape Point and Cape of Good Hope Our extensive tour takes you from Cape Maclear   to Dias Lookout Point and the Cape Point lighthouse , up the funicular to the old lighthouse . Visit Dias Beach , Cape of Good Hope Mountain and Olifantsbos
See the
rarest antelope in the world, the Bontebok .
A gruop of young Chacma Baboons with the sea in the backgruond.  Find out about the Chacma Baboons , many of whom live outside the reserve, from the Cape Peninsula Visitors Guide to Baboons . See the Ostriches , Eland and Reptiles of the Cape of Good Hope . Experience the wonder of the Cape Point's fynbos . Dias Beach. Cape Point. Secluded by virtue of the cliffs! Cape Point Lighthouse from really closeup! The rarest antelope in the world - the bontebok.
Take a virtual tour of some of what Cape Town offers. Cape Town Information and Western Cape Maps From Table Mountain to Robben Island , from the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront to Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens , from Wine Lands to Ballet , the Cape is pure magic.
The Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve Map. Our Western Cape Maps page offers 4 different maps: The Cape Peninsula Map with all the main roads, Kommetjie Map with directions to the Beach House. Detailed Cape Of Good Hope Map that shows both the roads, hiking trails and facilities and the Cape Peninsula Scenic Route Baboon Map . All maps are also available in printer friendly format. Maps of Cape Town, Kommetjie and Cape Point. Robben Island with Cape Town and Table Mountain in the background. The Table Mountain Rotary Cable Car.
Cape Nature Photography - Index page. Golden sunset on the sea. Tour sunsets on the Beach. Cape Nature Photography The photo album features South African beach photographs , sunsets on the beach , the moon and the sea , South African clouds , sea gulls , Atlantic villages at night , Cape rocks , pictures of  the view from the windows at the Beach House and pictures of the house itself. Moon and sea photographs. African sunset on the beach
Pictorial sitemap Menu: Explore the Wanders of the Western Cape. Pictorial sitemap Menu Using small picture icons the menu allows one to link to the sitemap of any of the main areas on the website. The blue snail can be found on every page and links to this menu. Non-pictorial sitemap of Sunset Beach Guest House. Non-Pictorial sitemap This page provides a complete index of all the pages on the Beach House website. It is fast to download and provides quick access to specific topics of interest.

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Cape Town's bed and breakfast that offers luxury beachfront accommodation .

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Tel: +27 21 783 4283   Fax : + 27 21 783 4286